Paint Check: Know what the best finish for your cabinets is 

Kitchen remodeling is too expensive to be done upfront. However, this is not a hindrance for you to dress up your kitchen. You can consider putting fresh coat finish to your kitchen cabinets, to make a change without spending much. This is cheaper than putting up a new set of cabinets in your kitchen. You can cover the dull and scratched surfaces by choosing the best paint depending on the material of your kitchen cabinet.  

Kitchen cabinet refinishing is a process wherein a homeowner keeps the whole cabinetry and only changes the color of the cabinets. This can be done by sanding or chemical stripping. The existing finishes of the cabinets were removed and a new paint is introduced.  

Before you start on your refinishing, consider your cabinets first. Identify first what your cabinet is made of because every material in your cabinet has a bearing in choosing the right paint. 

Wood cabinets are the easiest cabinet to refinish because paint lasts on scuffed surfaces. You just need to prepare the surface before you paint it. Sanding will make the finish smoother and the bond better. In wood cabinet refinishing Red Deer, always remove the existing stained or glossy finish before repainting. You can use a sand paper or liquid deglosser to do this; this will make sure that the paint adheres well on it. If the wood is clean and bare, you can directly put the primer and coating without sanding. The recommended paint for this kind of cabinets is the oil-based paint because it can stand up the scrubbing and brushing maintaining its durable finish. Water-based latex paint is discouraged as woods absorb a lot of it even if aided by a primer.  

Next time, you may consider putting wood veneers in your wooden kitchen cabinets. Wood veneer is a very thin layer pressed over a hardwood. Before you do the sanding, check the loosed edges or cracks first then repair it using wood glue. This will help to level the surface and then you can start painting it. If your cabinet has existing latex paint, better maintain it as refinishing using the same paint holds and lasts more.  

The best kind cabinet to refinish is the Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) made kitchen cabinets. After sealing all the edge and preparing an oil-based primer, you are good to go. MDF is porous in nature so water-based primers are highly discouraged as this swells the surface of the cabinets. After putting the primer, you can now use either oil-based or water-based coating. No need to worry about moisture absorption as the primer already took care of it.  

Kitchen cabinet refinishing is a good option to lengthen the storage life of your cabinet. Be open for new possibilities by giving your cabinets a brand-new color and vibe. And when you decided to refinish the, always check what the best paint for your cabinets is. If you need an advice, professional cabinet service is just one call away to take care of this for you.