Tool suppliers

In any type of DIY project, you are going to need a set of tools. The type of tools you need depends on the type of project you are going to do. There are some common tools that you will need often in DIY projects. There are special tools for specific applications but for most purposes a basic set of tools will get you the job done. Buy your tools from reputable tool suppliers. Following are some of the tools you must have in your arsenal before taking up a DIY project.

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This is the most important tool you will need in any DIY project. It is needed mostly to push a nail inside the wood or wall but it can be used for many other purposes. You can demolish even a large wall by chipping away small bits of its concrete and bricks with the help of a hammer. A claw hammer is a good buy if you occasionally need a tool that lets you pull out old nails. Buy a medium size hammer with good grip and balance. A synthetic handle is better because it will not break as easily as the wooden one.


You will need a set of screwdrivers with different head designs. You can buy separate pieces of standalone screwdrivers with different head designs. However, it will prove expensive. In place of buying a large number of screwdrivers, it is more economical to buy a screwdriver tool set that has a single handle and replaceable screwdriver heads. This type of tool set includes a wide range of screwdriver heads with different designs and sizes.


In a DIY project, you often have to cut wood and metal to give it the required shape. You will need saws for this purpose. A wooden handsaw is different from a metal handsaw. You will need both types of hand saws. If you limit yourself to small DIY projects, then there is no need to invest in expensive electric saws.

Drill Machine

An electric drill machine is an important tool you are going to need in all DIY projects. You will need a set of drill bits to make holes of different sizes. A common electric drill is sufficient for most purposes but if you want to make holes in the walls then you will need a separate unit of hammer drill.

Safety Items

When working with any type of tool, you are at risk of injuring yourself. It is important to wear proper safety gears when doing any type of DIY job using a tool. Buy a good set of safety gloves which will let you have a good grip on tools. Use safety goggles to avoid any eye injury during a DIY project.


If you want to find all your tools in place when starting a new project next time, you have to get in the habit of keeping all your tools properly after every use. See what type of tools you have and determine the type of toolbox you need. A lockable toolbox helps avoid kids at home using tools.

Always secure your workpiece before using a tool on it. Determine what type of DIY projects you handle often and buy tools accordingly.